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  • Welcome! I am a New York-based destination photographer specializing in surprise proposals and weddings. My work is inspired by nature and romantic art and I love all things light, airy, simple and inspiring. Grab your tea, cozy up and take a spin through our blog! Pin, like and share whatever inspires you! Don't forget to subscribe to stay updated on all our adventures.


My couples are the bravest, most adventurous people, EVER!! Everything from poses, to locations, my clients will do pretty much anything to get “the shot” and I LOVE that!! When I asked Gina where she wanted to have her engagement portraits done, I knew I wanted to get them in a location that was unique…literally no one would have photos taken in this spot!! So after giving it some thought, I told Gina I wanted to end their sunset session at a gorgeous, abandoned lakeside beach. Aside from the gorgeous water and mountain backdrop, this spot had the glowiest light AND the walk into the lake actually had the cutest trail. Engagement session ready!! Not only did Gina walk this gravel path in heels (total trooper), but once we got to the beach, this couple actually got INTO the water!! Extra glam and extra glow. I was so excited that they were open to wading into the water because it made all the difference. I like to play it safe and get pretty shots but when my clients are ready to take it to the next level, it’s always epic!! I love this couple SO much and we had such a great time during their session…the joy in these photos just radiates!!

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Of all the weddings we’ve shot over the last 9 years, the most memorable and tender have always been the ones where I’ve previously crossed paths with the bride or groom or both!! So many of my couples know me either through another one of our couples or through friends, so there truly is no degree of separation when it comes to ATWP couples!! I practically grew up with groom, Rob and we spent many, many fire department events together with mutual friends and fellow firefighters!! So when Rob and Sammie chose me as their wedding photographer, I knew how intimate, meaningful and fun their portraits would be…because I knew half the guests, alone!! These two are so unbelievably sweet and talented…their unique traits and characters are so radiant that their portraits were hardly posed at ALL!! Seeing the chemistry between my brides and grooms is always so beautiful and these two re-defined the meaning of soulmates (look at that JOY!) Every detail of this wedding was more beautiful than the next and I am SO glad to have been a part of this magical day. Congrats, Rob and Sammie!! Love you guys!! xo



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I’ve said since the beginning of this business that to just simply take beautiful portraits is not enough; your work should reflect not just the raw joy and emotion of the day but your clients should recognize themselves in each of their portraits…meaning their genuine, real smiles…no fakeness!! When your clients look through their gallery, they should feel the same emotions that they did on their big day because the portraits are just that REAL! It’s easy to pose a couple in a pretty spot and snap away but I always, always aim to really pull out each unique personality to bring those portraits to life in a way no one else can. Gorgeous bride Amanda is SO bubbly in personality and character and getting her to really laugh in her portraits was a BREEZE!!! (As I pointed out during our second round of portraits…I can tell when she’s really laughing because she gets the same little nose wrinkle as me!!!) From the minute Kevin saw Amanda walking down the aisle (just wait until you see his sweet reaction below!!) these two had so much chemistry and so much genuine happiness, it was impossible to capture a staged or forced moment. Real smiles, real laughs the ENTIRE wedding! A photographer’s dream. Aside from having the prettiest wedding details, this wedding was so full of incredible surprises and is hands-down one of the most unique events we’ve EVER shot!! The only way to do this wedding justice was to make this our biggest reception candids share we’ve ever had on this blog. And wait until you see why!!! Oh my gosh, I love this couple so much and I’d say I love them like family except we technically are (Kevin’s sister is married to my cousin!!) So much fun! Congratulations, Amanda and Kevin!! xo

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2017 is officially the year of reunions for me!! So many of my old schoolmates are now becoming my clients and I’m so excited to not only see everyone again but to also capture the beauty of their life celebrations!! I went to school with Yvette and her younger sister Yvonne, and we’ve kept in touch all the these years thanks to Facebook and instagram!! I was SO excited when she and Moses asked me to be their photographer…for their destination wedding in Mexico! As if their gorgeous wedding location wasn’t enough, I cannot wait to witness these sweet and mellow souls say “I do”…it’s going to be the most relaxing wedding, ever!! Even at their engagement session, Yvette and Moses were so calm and easy to pose and talk to…can you say dream clients?! December cannot come fast enough…so excited!

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I am always so blown away by how poised and sweet and unique all of our sweet Bat Mitzvah girls are!! They all have such an inner beauty that makes them radiate in every image and each girl is so beautifully different than the next! Bella was a star from the minute our session started, right up until the moment I left!! Everything from her speech to the way she included all of her guests in every aspect of the night, this girl was SO thoughtful and so wise beyond her years!! So, so proud to have been there to witness and capture this important day for sweet Bella and her family! PS can this family get any cuter?! Mazel Tov, Bella!!

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  • June 25, 2017 - 8:28 pm

    Nikki Sausen - Hi,
    I love the pictures from Bella’s bat mitzvah. Can I ask to see the others from the painting part of the bat mitzvah? Can I possibly use them for my Facebook page/website?
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    • June 27, 2017 - 7:16 pm

      Alexandra - Hi!! Absolutely. Once the rest of the client’s gallery is ready for viewing, she will be able to provide you with access to the images (our contract doesn’t allow us to send images to other vendors). The gallery will be ready next week!!ReplyCancel